shutterstock_122833975The State of Georgia prohibits unlicensed persons from negotiating, listing, selling, buying, or renting real property for another for a fee. Activities which can be performed by unlicensed persons who, for example, act as personal assistants, clerical support staff, closing secretaries, etc.…

Yes, with the consent of the broker and that the security deposits is held within the Broker escrow account.

shutterstock_176554700Yes, but the best result come from a professional sales agent marketing your properties on the wide network of real estate agents with prequalified buyers. Real estate agents have the tools and resource to market your property at the right price with lease amount of hassles.

Georgia is an attorney state. The attorney will be noted as part of the Georgia Association of Realtor contract and is responsible for the interpretation of the negotiated terms and provide clear and marketable title for the closing of the transaction.

  1. Price to Sell

This is the price the buyers will offer and the sellers will accept for the home. It is based on the current market – homes that have recently sold. The price will determine if the buyers see your home on their online search, if they schedule a showing, or even make an offer.

Price it Well: this will create interest, attract buyers, generate showings and get offers in the shortest amount of time

Underpriced Homes: They may sell quickly, and some buyers may wonder what is wrong with the home. They can also be overlooked by buyers looking in a higher price range

Overpriced Homes: There may be a lack of interest, fewer showings, no offers, take a longer amount of time to sell. Price cuts will need to be made, and sometimes the buyer perceive this negatively.

  1. Great Condition Sells

The first impression of a home begins with the curb appeal. How does the landscaping look? The condition of the driveway? Is the grass mowed and nice and green? Is there too much stuff in the yard? Is the paint faded away or fresh and new?

Interior should be freshly painted or no scuffs on the walls, carpets should be clean and vacuumed. All extra furniture or clutter should be removed, cabinets organized, light fixtures, blinds, vents, fans baseboards all dusted and clean.

  1. Market the House

Hire a real estate agent for maxim exposure to the public. 90% of home buyers search the internet for their next home. It is also important to have mobile-friendly sites to market the home, as well as video.